Crystals for Intelligence: Top 10


I’m Natalie Black, author of Crystador. I write about spirituality, personal growth, and healing.

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I know what you’re thinking and, no, a crystal can not suddenly make you smarter or instill you with knowledge you didn’t previously have.

However, there are several crystals for intelligence that can help increase your brainpower, intellect, and productivity to help you learn faster and retain more information.

These stones can provide a mental clarity that is sometimes stopping you from reaching your true knowledge potential that has nothing to do with your actual level of intelligence.

Top 10 crystals for Intelligence

1. Amethyst

Physical appearance: Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. This stone is primarily found in geode form, either small or large.

Impact: This is a stone that can aid with mental clarity. When your mind is experiencing emotional and spiritual blockages, it can be difficult for you to exercise your brain power.

When using Amethyst, those negative feelings and distractions will be eliminated, leaving room for you to expand your mind in positive ways.

How to use it: Meditating with Amethyst is a great way to experience its benefits. Begin with gratitudes and affirmations, offering yourself up to the stone to work its magic.

2. Black Tourmaline

Physical appearance: Black Tourmaline is pitch black and has striking lines running through the stone. It is a shining crystal that often has the appearance of an oil slick.

Impact:  This crystal is extremely powerful at cleansing the auric field. While this may not seem like it correlates to intelligence, it does!

Black Tourmaline is a protection stone that will cast away any negativity and purify your thoughts of any anger or anxiety, allowing you to absorb all that you wish to know instead.

How to use it: You can reap the benefits of Black Tourmaline simply by placing it in your space. Think about using it to decorate your home, or wear it on a piece of jewelry if you’d like to experience this sort of protection while on the go.

3. Blue Calcite

Physical appearance: Blue Calcite is a blue, marbled stone that can take on several physical appearances. While it can be found in larger, geode forms, it can also be found in small and smooth pieces. However, the baby blue color remains the same.

Impact: This is a stone known for opening the door of communication between your thoughts and feelings. It soothes your nerves and allows you to approach many situations with a more level head. When you are feeling in tune with your emotions, it is easier to let your intellect shine through and take the lead.

How to use it: For the most powerful results, you can meditate with Blue Calcite. It is also a great amplifier, which means it will enhance the properties of other stones when they are used in conjunction.

4. Carnelian

Physical appearance: Carnelian is a fiery red stone with marbled orange and brown tones swirling throughout. The stone derives from the Quartz family and is incredibly smooth in appearance.

Impact: This crystal is known for creativity. Carnelian will help remove any barriers that stand in the way of your freedom of expression, which encourages you to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to your personal and professional life.

How to use it: One of the best ways to use Carnelian is to wear it in a piece of jewelry. With the direct contact to your body, the stone can better transmit its vibrational energy into your body and instill you with more energy and creativity at all times.

5. Clear Quartz

Physical appearance: Clear quartz has an appearance that one would expect. The transparent gem forms in a more jagged form and can reflect the light to create beautiful rainbows.

Impact: Clear quartz is a light bringer, meaning that it is known to wash away darkness both spiritually and emotionally. Often, without even realizing it, there are negative emotions and bad vibes clouding our ability to truly exercise our intelligence.

How to use it: Wearing this stone in jewelry or keeping it in your pocket is a great way to activate it. If you are seeking to have its abilities amplified even further, you can meditate with the stone or keep it under your pillow as you sleep.

6. Green Calcite

Physical appearance: Green calcite is a stunning green crystal that has a rougher and more opaque appearance. The stone almost always forms in larger masses.

Impact:  Green calcite is a healer of the heart. While this might not seem like that has a correlation to intelligence, it is just as important for your heart to aim true as it is for your head. By eliminating ailments of the heart, the stone brings clarity in your emotions that will help guide you toward mental clarity as well.

How to use it: This stone is deeply connected to the earth, which means it is even more powerful when you use it to meditate outdoors.

7. Kyanite

Physical appearance: Kyanite is a sharp mineral that can form in a variety of colors including blue, white, light gray to gray, pink, orange, and black. In more rare instances, you might find the stone in green or yellow.

Impact: Kyanite promotes inner peace and tranquility, targeting mental blockages that might be causing emotional distress. When these blockages are dissolved, your energy can flow through your body uninhibited, and your mind can focus better.

How to use it: The best way to use Kyanite is to wear it as jewelry on your body.

8. Labradorite

Physical appearance: Labradorite is a unique stone that is known for its mirage of colors. This beautiful crystal can contain blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and even purple.

Impact: This is a stone of positivity. It boosts feelings of confidence and encourages you to trust your instincts. When using this stone, you are less likely to question your own intellect.

How to use it: This is a stone best used in your spiritual practices.

9. Red Jasper

Physical appearance: Red Jasper is, in fact, often not actually red. Instead, the smooth stone is usually found in hues of orange and brown.

Impact:  This is a grounding stone. It helps the user feel more balanced and less distracted, which will lead you to feel more energized and focused on your goals.

How to use it: Carry this stone with you at all times to reap the benefits — whether that’s through a piece of jewelry or simply carrying it in your purse or pocket.

10. Selenite

Physical appearance: Selenite is a lustrous stone that can appear on a spectrum from clear to white. The crystal is often found in larger, more rough formations.

Impact: Selenite is known to naturally draw out negative energy and replace it with positivity and focus. When using the stone, you are more likely to feel fulfilled in your purpose and trust yourself to gain knowledge and intellect.

How to use it: You can place selenite in your room or another working space in your home. Another way to use the stone is to carry it with you in your purse or put it on a piece of jewelry.


As you can see, none of these stones are going to make you smarter from the jump.

Instead, they are going to help clear your mind of any negativity and make sure that you are filled with a sense of purpose and confidence to trust your natural instincts.

You will be free to trust your own intellect and continue to expand your mind in positive ways.