How to Cleanse Amazonite: 3 Simple Methods

Keeping your crystals cleansed is vital to harness all the power they provide to us. Amazonite is a wonderful tool to use during meditation to help you manifest your dreams and desires.

Sometimes energies can get stuck or stagnant in our crystals, calling for a good cleansing.

This is a guide on how to use three very simple methods to cleanse your Amazonite to keep its vibrations high and fresh.

Three simple methods to cleanse Amazonite

Learning simple cleansing methods is a great place to start if you are new to crystals. As you go on with your journey using crystals, you can add your own touches or do your cleansing in a certain way that resonates with you.

However, to start, it’s best to keep it simple.

  • Natural light
  • Sound
  • Sage

These three methods are explored and explained in this article so you can get started using the beautiful energies put out by Amazonite.

Method 1: Cleanse your Amazonite with natural light

Using natural light to cleanse your Amazonite is a powerful way to harness the energies from the moon or the sun.

You don’t need any special equipment other than a windowsill that gets good sun or is bathed in the moonlight for a few hours. If you have somewhere safe to put your Amazonite outside to cleanse in the sun or moonlight, then you are all set.

Whether you’re using the sun or the moon to cleanse your Amazonite, setting your intentions is crucial. When using the sun, you only need to leave your Amazonite in the sunlight for around 4 hours to achieve a clean and refreshed crystal.

The early morning sun is less harsh and less likely to damage your crystal.

When using the moon, it is best to use the power of the full moon, but if you don’t want to wait, that’s ok too.

You can cleanse your Amazonite while the moon is in any phase. Leave your crystal in a spot outside or a windowsill that will receive a few hours of moonlight, and then collect your Amazonite before the sun rises.

Method 2: Cleanse your Amazonite with sound

Sound energy is a great way to cleanse your Amazonite. There are so many options of what you can use to make the cleansing sound.

You can use singing bowls, tuning forks, a bell, a drum, tapping on a crystal glass, or even your own voice chanting or singing. Everybody is different with what works for them.

If you have a lot of Amazonite, you can set yourself up in the center of the room or travel through your home to each piece of Amazonite.

Start by opening a window to release the energies from the Amazonite that are not serving you. Next, start playing the music you have chosen.

You can walk around and focus the melody on each piece of Amazonite or play in the middle of the room to clean every crystal in the room and the room itself.

Keep in mind your intentions. Setting your intentions while cleansing your Amazonite is extremely important.

Let the music bath your Amazonite in its beautiful melodies for five to ten minutes or until you feel the energy shift, leaving your Amazonite refreshed and clean.

Method 3: Cleanse your Amazonite using sage

Sage is great to use to cleanse your Amazonite. You can use a bundle of sage or loose sage in a fire-safe bowl either one is effective.

Gather up your Amazonite and place them on a clothe or a table so you can reach them easily during your cleansing ritual.

Open a window to let the smoke out and release the unwanted energies outside to disperse. Take your lighter, light the sage, let it burn for around 30 seconds, and then blow it out.

It will be smoldering and releasing smoke. With your intentions in mind or saying them out loud, hold your Amazonite in the smoke and let it be engulfed.

Each piece of Amazonite will need to be held in the smoke for about 30 seconds or as long as you feel it may need. Sometimes our crystals carry a lot of heavy energy and need a little longer to cleanse.

How to charge Amazonite crystal?

You can charge your Amazonite while cleansing using any of the methods above. After cleansing, say your intentions again, but this time align it to charging your crystal.

This is easy and convenient since you are already working with your Amazonite.

How often do I need to cleanse Amazonite?

Cleansing your Amazonite once a month is enough to keep your crystal’s vibrations high and allow you to harness all the healing energies it puts out.


Using Amazonite has so many healing and manifesting benefits to offer you. Therefore, keeping its energies cleansed and charged is very important.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and feel confident with cleansing your Amazonite.