How to Cleanse Amber Crystal: 3 Simple Methods


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Amber is an eye-catching crystal that has been prized by people for centuries. It has a strong connection to the sun, and the earth has extensive healing properties and makes for a beautiful piece of jewellery.

If you have an Amber crystal in your collection, it would be wise to learn how to cleanse it so you can tap into its powerful, ancient vibration.

This is a short guide to breaking down how to cleanse Amber using simple methods.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Amber crystal

When you are looking for a cleansing method for your Amber, it is important to remember that finding a method that is simple, effective, and feels empowering to you is vital. This will bring strong positive energy to your cleansing session instead of trying to remember a complicated routine that stresses you out.

Three simple methods to consider for cleansing your Amber are:

  • Brown rice
  • Sound
  • Breath

Here is a breakdown of each cleansing method; hopefully, one will resonate with you and get you started in your cleansing journey.

Method 1: Cleanse your Amber crystal with brown rice

Using brown rice as a cleanser is an age-old practice. It is easy to do and practical, which is part of the reason people love to use it for cleansing crystals.

Rice holds both Yin and Yang energies, which is perfect for bringing balance back to your crystal and returning it to its purest form.

You will need a container with a lid that is big enough to hold your Amber crystal and enough to cover the crystal.

Place the Amber crystal in the container and bury it under the rice as best as possible.

State your intentions, this can be done out loud, or you can say them in your mind.

Place the lid onto the container and set it in a spot where it will not be disturbed. Let it sit for 12 hours, longer if you feel the extra time is needed.

When you are done with the rice, throw it out.

Method 2: Cleanse your Amber crystal with sound

Sound energy cleansing is a perfect cleansing method that you can personalize. Any sound that you find beautiful and uplifting can be used.

You can use anything from your voice singing, praying, an instrument you play, singing bowls, chimes, bells, and anything else that makes a noise you enjoy.

Making a cleansing session personal by adding touches of who you are will make the experience empowering and something you look forward to doing.

Start by setting your intentions for the sound cleansing, and then begin the music.

Visualize the sound enveloping your Amber crystal and stirring up the stagnant energy breaking free and floating away. Leaving your Amber crystal pure and refreshed.

It is ideal to focus on your crystals individually for about 10 minutes each or until you feel it cleansed.

Method 3: Cleanse your Amber crystal using breath

You don’t need anything besides your own breath to cleanse your crystals with this cleansing method. Using your breath is a powerful way to connect with your crystals.

Hold your Amber crystal in your hand and close your eyes. Set your intentions. Take a deep inhale, purse your lips and exhale directly at your Amber crystal.

Visualize your breath, breaking up the negative energies within your crystal and floating away with your breath. Do this for three rounds of breath or longer if you feel your Amber crystal is holding heavy energy.

Frequently asked questions

What zodiac is Amber associated with?

Amber is linked to the zodiac sign Taurus, which is people born in the Spring between April 20- May 20.

What Chakra is Amber associated with?

An Amber crystal’s orange and gold tones align it with the Sacral Chakra, located just below the belly button.

Does Amber have physical healing properties?

Amber is thought to help relieve many ailments, including slow digestion relieve joint pain, and has become popular to help babies and toddlers with teething pain.

How to charge Amber crystal?

A fantastic way to charge your Amber is to bury in the earth and leave it overnight. As you cover your Amber with dirt in your garden, front lawn, or even a pot full of soil, state your intentions and tell it what you need.

How often do I need to cleanse Amber crystal?

It is ideal for cleansing your Amber once a month. You may notice it starts to look a little cloudy when it is holding a lot of negative energies, and regular monthly cleansing will keep its vibrations fresh and pure.

Is Amber a crystal?

Technically, Amber is not a crystal, mineral, or gemstone. It is a fossilized resin that came from trees millions of years ago.

What is an Amber crystal made of?

Amber is made from the resin of ancient trees. Sometimes as the amber-colored resin trickled down the trees, it would trap small insects inside and fossilize them over time.

What does Amber crystal smell like?

Amber has a warm scent, and it is a very light fragrance that has notes of musk and powder and is a bit spicy.

How much is an Amber crystal?

Amber can range from $1 a carat to $30 a carat. Several factors determine the price of a piece of Amber, including color and area of origin.


Amber is perfect to bring beauty into your life, help ease pain, and can be used as a talisman to draw good fortune to yourself.

Learning how to cleanse and charge your Amber will keep it in tip=top shape so you can reap the rewards of its vibrations.

I hope you are feeling confident as you move forward on your journey with your Amber crystal, and I thank you for taking the time to learn 3 simple methods to cleanse your Amber crystal.