How to Cleanse Apache Tears: 3 Simple Methods


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Apache Tears are a lovely crystal to help you work through grief or any other heavy emotion buried deep within. It has a gentle way of bringing these emotions up and helping you transmute them.

Apache Tears will absorb all those negative energies residing in you and open you up for more positive energies.

It is so important that you cleanse your Apache Tears regularly to remove the negative vibrations so you can continue to use the gentle vibrations of the crystal.

This is a guide to help you find a simple but very effective cleansing method for your Apache Tears to keep them vibrating at their most high.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Apache Tears

Creating a simple but effective cleansing routine for your crystal collection is vital if you want to use its powerful vibrations.

There are so many ways to cleanse crystals. The most important aspect is that you feel empowered, and it is simple. A complicated routine can stir up feelings of frustration and stress, and those are not feelings you want to bring into your cleansing ceremony.

Three simple cleansing methods for Apache Tears are:

  • Running water
  • Visualization
  • Breath

Let’s dive into these methods so you can get started cleansing your Apache Tears today.

Method 1: Cleanse your Apache Tears with running water

Cleansing your crystals with running water is a simple and effective cleansing method. The running water will wash away unwanted energies and return them to the earth to restore your crystal to its purest state.

If you are able to use a natural source of water like a stream or creek, that would be ideal, but a running faucet will do the trick as well.

You will want to start by setting your intentions and then hold your Apache Tear in the flowing water and visualize it washing away stagnant, toxic energies. Hole your crystal under the running water for about a minute or until you feel it has been cleansed thoroughly.

Method 2: Cleanse your Apache Tears with visualization

Visualization cleansing will utilize your energy to cleanse your Apache Tear crystal. As you are cleansing your crystal, you are also forming a bond with it, which is a powerful way to experience the crystal’s full potential.

Start by getting comfortable and holding the Apache Tears in your dominant hand. Close your eyes and clearly state your intentions to cleanse this crystal. Start to visualize a brilliant and warm white light within your crystal, and it is getting brighter and bigger until the whole crystal has been wrapped up in this beautiful light. Visualize the light releasing the negative energy and returning it to the universe.

Hold this vision for thirty seconds, and don’t forget to take breaks as necessary to restore your energy.

Method 3: Cleanse your Apache Tears using your breath

Using your breath is another beautiful way to connect with your crystals and cleanse them at the same time.

You want to start by getting comfortable, whatever that looks like for you. Hold your Apache Tears in your dominant hand, close your eyes, and set your intentions. Take a deep inhale and purse your lips as you exhale your breath towards your crystal. Imagine your breath breaking up toxic energies and blowing them away. Repeat this for three rounds of breath. If you have a lot of crystals, you are cleansing be sure that you are resting when needed to restore your energy and keep it fresh.

Frequently asked questions

Are Apache Tears a crystal?

No, they are volcanic glass and consist mainly of Silicon Dioxide.

Do Apache Tears help with any physical ailment?

It is thought that Apache Tears can help support the body when it has gone into shock, as well as offer relief from digestive problems and settle an overactive nervous system.

What Chakra is the Apache Tear associated with?

Apache Tears have very grounding energy and are aligned to the Root Chakra.

How to charge Apache Tears?

You can use the sun to charge Apache Tears. After you have cleansed them, place them on a sunny windowsill or spot in your yard for 4 hours to bask in the sunlight and recharge their energy. While placing the crystal in the sun, set your intentions and let the crystal know what you need from it.

How often do I need to cleanse Apache Tears?

It is good practice to cleanse your Apache Tear crystals once a month. Creating a monthly routine will keep your crystal’s vibrations high and pure.

Can Apache Tears get wet?

Apache Tears can get wet. A warm, soapy wash is fine if you want to wash your crystal. Just avoid dropping it or being too rough, which could cause it to break.

Is Obsidian the same as Apache Tears?

Apache Tears are Black Obsidian, but they have a less glossy appearance and are a bit rougher. Apache Tears are formed from hot lava, but they come from the lava that was thrown up into the air and solidified before it hit the ground.

Is Snowflake Obsidian the same as Apache Tears?

Snowflake Obsidian has white and grey spots that look similar to snowflakes and is where its name is derived from. It is an Obsidian with Quartz formed inside, giving it the snowflake appearance.

What is the worth of Apache Tears?

Apache Tears are an inexpensive crystal, and you can usually buy several pieces for under ten American dollars.


If you are going through a rough time, whether you are grieving a loved one or life seems really hard right now, Apache Tears may be able to give you the support you need.

Learning how to cleanse your crystals and their energies high is essential, and I am so thankful you choose to read my article. I hope you leave here with confidence that you can very easily cleanse your Apache Tears and enjoy their gentle vibrations for years to come.