How to Cleanse Blue Kyanite: 3 Simple Methods


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Blue Kyanite is a stunning crystal that can define the term love at first sight. It can be a jagged and rough texture, or it can be cleaned up to a more lustrous finish.

It can range in shades of blue from dark to light and everything in between. It is streaked with white ribbons and is a true beauty.

Blue Kyanite brings with it a calming, positive energy and is a wonderful stone to have in your collection. Learning how to cleanse this breathtaking crystal doesn’t need to be complicated. The easier, the better. You don’t want a hard-to-follow routine that will bring negative energies into the cleansing session and defeat the purpose.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Blue Kyanite

Finding a simple method is essential to access the full powers of your Blue Kyanite. While it is thought to be a self-cleansing crystal, it is still essential to do your due diligence and create a cleansing routine. This will help infuse the Blue Kyanite with your intentions and connect to it.

To cleanse your Blue Kyanite, you can use sage, sound or visualization, let’s take a look at each method in detail.

Let’s discuss how to perform these simple cleansing methods to keep your Blue Kyanite’s vibrations pure and potent.

Method 1: Cleanse your Blue Kyanite with sage

Sage is an old cleansing ritual; it is powerful and easy to do. You will need some sage leaves; you can use loose sage leaves or a bundle of them.

If using loose leaves, you will need a fireproof bowl. Some people like to use a feather to direct the smoke, but your hand will do an excellent job if you don’t have a feather available.

If possible, you will want to do this cleansing routine outside. If not, be sure to open the windows to let the smoke out. The negative energy needs to be released back to the universe, and sage smoke is thick and will set off your smoke alarms.

Start out by lighting your sage on fire, and after about 30 seconds, blow the fire out to let the sage smoke.

Set your intentions out loud or in your mind, whatever you are comfortable with. Direct the smoke to surround your Blue Kyanite crystal, letting it touch every part of the crystal.

Do this for about 30 seconds while visualizing the smoke wisping away the toxic, stuck energy and the Blue Kyanite being restored to its perfect vibration.

Method 2: Cleanse your Blue Kyanite with sound

Using sound to cleanse your crystals is a beautiful way to personalize your cleansing methods. You can use just about any sound you find enjoyable or powerful, including your own voice.

Popular choices for sound cleansing are drums, chimes, singing bowls, bells, and tuning forks.

You will want to set your intentions to begin the cleansing session. Focus the music on your Blue Kyanite.

Visualize the music notes breaking up the stagnant energy and carrying it away. You can focus on each crystal for several minutes or until you feel it has been cleansed thoroughly.

Method 3: Cleanse your Blue Kyanite using visualization

Visualization is a wonderful way to use your own energy to cleanse your Blue Kyanite. This cleansing method will help you form a deep connection with your crystal as well as learn how to harness and focus your energies.

Hold your Blue Kyanite in your hand, close your eyes, set your intentions for the cleansing, and visualize a warm, brilliant white light radiating around your crystal.

Visualize this light moving the stuck energies and releasing them back to the universe.

Hold this visualization for 30 seconds at least or longer if you feel that is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Chakra is Blue Kyanite associated with?

Blue Kyanite is one of a few crystals associated with all of the Chakras. Whichever one you are trying to bring back into alignment will respond to Blue Kyanite.

Does Blue Kyanite have physical healing properties?

It is believed that Blue Kyanite can help regulate hormone production by offering support to the adrenals and thyroid.

Where does Blue Kyanite come from?

It was first discovered in 1789 and is often found in large deposits alongside Quartz. Blue Kyanite can be found worldwide but often is found in Namibia, Kenya, Burma, Mexico, and Brazil.

How to charge Blue Kyanite crystal?

Blue Kyanite can be charged in several ways. Conveniently the crystal charges beautifully with the same methods used to cleanse it. After you have finished cleansing your crystal, change your intentions to what you want to receive from the Blue Kyanite and charge it. If you want to give the crystals energy a little more boost, you can place in a windowsill to soak up the full moon’s light.

How often do I need to cleanse Blue Kyanite?

Blue Kyanite is thought to be a crystal that cleanses itself, but to ensure that your crystal’s energies remain high, it’s ideal for performing a cleansing routine once a month.

What does Blue Kyanite symbolize?

Blue Kyanite is often referred to as the stone of alignment. It puts out vibrations that are able to help you create a balance between your mind, body, and soul.

This crystal has a serene vibration and can you find peace even if life is testing you. Giving you the strength to navigate tough life lessons and find the tranquillity among the tough times.

Can you get Blue Kyanite wet?

This crystal does have a solid connection to the element water, but it should not ever be immersed in it. Water may ruin the finish on Blue Kyanite and turn it brittle. If you need to clean your crystal, it is best to use a dry microfiber cloth to polish it.


Finding a simple cleansing method for your Blue Kyanite will help you feel empowered and utilize the positivity this gorgeous blue crystal offers.

I hope you enjoyed learning 3 simple cleaning methods to use for your Blue Kyanite.