How to Cleanse Celestite: 3 Simple Methods


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If you have ever laid your eye on the ethereal blue crystals of Celestite, I’m sure you felt drawn to this magnificent crystal.

Celestite is a powerful tool to use to activate the upper Chakras and is perfect for promoting purity in your heart, good fortune, and hope.

It’s safe to say Celestite is a powerful crystal and needs to be taken care of properly to ensure you are receiving pure and clean energies from your beautiful blue crystal.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Celestite

Your Celestite is constantly absorbing energies that surround it, positive and negative. Whether the energies are from you, the environment, or other people, these energies need to be cleansed from your Celestite regularly.

  • Sage
  • Selenite
  • Moonlight

These are three simple and effective methods to cleanse your Celestite to keep its energies pure. Cleansing doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process.

It can be quick and done with stuff you may already have in your home.

Let’s explore three simple methods to cleanse your Celestite.

Method 1: Cleanse your Celestite with sage

Cleansing with sage has been used for thousands of years and is a powerful tool to clear away negative, toxic, and unwanted energy.

Sage is a great way to restore your Celestite to its pure form and restore its beautiful healing properties.

If you have never used sage before, it is best to use white sage and tie it up in a tidy bundle. It is perfectly acceptable to use loose sage. You will need a lighter or matches and a fire-safe bowl to ash the sage in or light the loose leaves on fire.

Open a window before you start to let the negative energies out and ensure you don’t set your smoke alarms off. Gather up your Celestite and set your intentions as you do so.

Light the sage, let it burn for 30 seconds, and then blow it out. Letting it smolder and smoke. Bring your Celestite through the smoke engulfing every inch of your crystal for 30 seconds.

If you feel that your Celestite is carrying a lot of unwanted energies, let the smoke purify it longer.

Visualize the smoke carrying away the unwanted energies and let your intuition guide you to know when your crystal is clean.

Method 2: Cleanse your Celestite with Selenite

Selenite radiates powerful healing and cleansing energies, and it is a self-cleansing crystal itself.

So you can cleanse your Celestite on a Selenite plate or in a Selenite bowl and not have to worry about having to cleanse the Selenite after.

This method of cleansing could not be more straightforward. Place your Celestite to touch the Selenite. The more contact between them, the better.

This is why a Selenite bowl or plate is recommended. Set your intentions and leave the Celestite there for 24 hours.

This is such an easy and effective way to cleanse crystals. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the Selenite must be bigger than the Celestite you place on it, and they must be touching each other as much as possible.

Method 3: Cleanse your Celestite with moonlight

Moonlight is a lovely way to softly cleanse your Celestite from any unwanted energies it may have absorbed.

Using moonlight to cleanse will gently diffuse all the negative energy and restore the Celestite to its healing energies.

Place your Celestite on a windowsill that gets a lot of moonlight, set your intentions, and leave it there overnight.

You can put your Celestite outside, but since it is a softer stone, it is important that you collect it before the morning dew to ensure it doesn’t get water damage or fall to the ground and break.

Doing your cleansing ritual on the night of a full moon is ideal since the moon’s vibrations are at their full potential. If you don’t want to wait for the full moon, that is ok, and any phase of the moon will do.

How to charge Celestite crystal?

You can use visualization to charge your Celestite.

Get into a comfortable position, hold your crystal in your hand. Set your intention for your Celestite, and then visualize a bright white light surrounding it.

Visualize the light getting more radiant and brilliant as you think of your intentions. Hold for a minute or two, and then you have a freshly charged Celestite.

How often do I need to cleanse Celestite?

It is good practice to cleanse your Celestite once a month. You could align your cleansing ritual with the full moon to give it that extra energy. Cleansing your Celestite once a month will restore its angelic vibrations.


I hope this article has been helpful to you and your journey with your Celestite. Cleansing your crystals doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is necessary to enjoy their full potential.