How To Cleanse Crystals: 7 Simple Methods


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Having crystals in your space is an excellent way to align your energies and tap into their healing properties.

Crystals are impressionable objects and pick up energies from their environment or the people around them. These unwanted energies can accumulate in the crystal and affect its ability to work to its full potential.

Learning how to cleanse the energy within your crystals will keep them refreshed and renewed to let them vibrate with pure energy.

Seven simple methods to cleanse crystals

This article will walk you through 7 simple but effective ways to cleanse your crystals to keep their energies pure and high. How you cleanse your crystals is personal and should be what you feel comfortable doing. It shouldn’t feel like a task; you don’t want that energy during a cleanse, but an uplifting ritual that you enjoy.

Find something that resonates with you and have fun with it.

Method 1: cleanse your crystals with water

Cleansing your crystals in a stream or river is an excellent way to return unwanted energies to the earth. If you don’t have a natural water source available, that’s ok. Using running water from your tap will do just fine.

Hold your crystal under the running water for about a minute while focusing on your intentions and the stagnant energies washing away. Let the water touch every surface of your crystal to ensure it is thoroughly cleansed. Then pat dry when done.

Not all crystals can be cleaned with water, so please ensure you research before using water. Alternatively, you can choose from the other cleansing options listed below.

Method 2: cleanse your crystals with sound

You have so many options when it comes to sound energy cleansing. You can personalize how you cleanse your crystals. Popular choices are:

  • Singing bowls
  • Tuning forks
  • Drums
  • Bells
  • Chimes

You can even use your voice singing, praying, or chanting a mantra.

 Finding what works for you is key. You can start by gathering up the crystals you want to cleanse or walk around and bring the sound to them.

You will want to focus on each crystal with your intentions in mind and engulf each crystal with sound for five to ten minutes before moving on to the next.

Visualize the negative, unwanted energies being carried away with sound. Leaving your crystals at their base frequency.

Method 3: cleanse your crystals with breath

Using your breath to cleanse your crystals is excellent to cleanse and connect with your crystals simultaneously. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand, set your intentions, take a deep inhale, and through pursed lips, exhale directly at your crystal.

Do this for three rounds of breath or longer. Then, visualize your breath shaking up and blowing free the unwanted energies.

If you have a lot of crystals that you are cleansing in one session, remember to take breaks to restore your energy.

Method 4: cleanse your crystals with natural light

Natural light is such an easy and powerful way to cleanse your crystals. You can harness the sun’s energies or the moon, and you don’t need anything more than a spot outside or a windowsill.

Suppose you choose to use the moon to cleanse your crystals. First, pick a safe spot outside that receives a few hours of moonlight or a windowsill.

Set your intentions as you place your crystal in your chosen spot and leave it there to bask in the moonlight. The full moon is ideal; it has a powerful positive vibration perfect for cleansing.

When using sunlight to cleanse your crystals, you only need to leave your crystals in a sunny spot outside or a windowsill for 4 hours.

The morning sun is best since it’s not as harsh and won’t be so hard on your beloved crystals. As always, set your intentions as you lay out your crystals to cleanse in the sun.

Method 5: cleanse your crystals with sage

Cleansing your crystals with sage is a powerful cleansing practice that has been used for thousands of years. Sage is an excellent way to restore your crystal to its purest form and keep its healing properties working to their highest potential.

If you cannot cleanse your crystals outside, you will want to ensure a window is open to let the negative energies out so your smoke alarm doesn’t go off. Sage has a thicker smoke.

You can gather your crystals into one area or walk around with the sage to where your crystals rest. After lighting your sage stick or bowl of loose leaves, let it burn for about 30 seconds before blowing it out. The sage will continue to smolder and release smoke.

Next, say your intentions out loud or in your head while you let the smoke engulf one crystal at a time. You want to be sure that the smoke touches every edge, every nook, and cranny. Then, focus on each crystal for about 30 seconds, and visualize the smoke carrying away unwanted, stuck energies.

Method 6: cleanse your crystal with Selenite

Selenite is a powerful healing and cleansing crystal that doesn’t require much upkeep. Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that radiates energies that help other crystals release negative energies and return to their balanced state.

Using Selenite is very easy to cleanse your crystals. You can buy a bowl, plate, tower, or a piece of Selenite to use.

The only thing to be mindful of is that the Selenite must be bigger than the crystal it is cleansing, and it should touch the crystal as much as possible.

The more contact, the better. As you place your crystal on your Selenite, focus on your intentions, out loud or in your mind. Then leave your crystal for 24 hours and collect your freshly cleansed crystal after.

Method 7: cleanse your crystal with visualization

Visualization is an excellent way to use your energies to cleanse your crystals and form a bond with them as well. If you already use meditation and visualization, then this method will come easy to you.

If you’re not used to these practices, you can start slow, and it will get easier and more powerful as you go.

Get yourself in a comfortable position and hold your crystal in your hand. Next, close your eyes, set your intentions, and visualize a brilliant white light surrounding your crystal.

Visualize the white light moving the stuck, unwanted energies and carrying them away while leaving your crystal refreshed and renewed.

Hold the visualization for at least 30 seconds on each crystal, and remember to take breaks if you feel your energy waning. This can be very tiring since you are using your energy.

How often do I need to cleanse my crystals?

You only need to cleanse your crystals once a month. You can set a monthly ritual for cleansing; whether it’s aligned to a full moon or a certain day each month is up to you.

Having a ritual and a monthly cleansing will keep your crystals revitalized and fresh.


Having a crystal collection is so much fun, and finding a way to cleanse them should be uplifting and empowering. It doesn’t have to be a complicated routine.

Keep it simple, and your crystals will be vibrating in their purest forms, ready to help you with what you are looking for from them.