How to Cleanse Rhodochrosite: 3 Simple Methods


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Rhodochrosite emits a pure loving vibration and learning simple cleansing methods is vital to keep its energies pure.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Rhodochrosite

Cleansing your Rhodochrosite does not have to be complicated. This article will break down three simple but effective cleansing methods to ensure your Rhodochrosite vibrates in its purest form.

We recommend cleansing Rhodochrosite with brown rice, natural light, or sage. Lets go through each method now.

Method 1: Cleanse your Rhodochrosite with brown rice

Brown rice is a simple yet effective cleansing routine for your Rhodochrosite.

All you need to do is fill a container with rice and then bury your crystal under the rice. Place a lid on the container, state your intentions, and place the container in an area where it will not be bothered for 24 hours.

After you are done cleansing your Rhodochrosite discard the rice.

Method 2: Cleanse your Rhodochrosite with natural light

Natural light is a beautiful cleansing method for your Rhodochrosite. You don’t need anything other than a windowsill or a safe spot to leave your crystal outside.

Start by setting your intentions, and then place your Rhodochrosite on your windowsill or outside.

The full moon is ideal if you use the moon as a cleanser. It is brimming with positive energy, but that’s okay if you don’t want to wait for a full moon. Moonlight holds a high vibration no matter the fullness of the moon. Leave your Rhodochrosite in the moonlight overnight.

The softer morning light is ideal if you use the sunlight to cleanse your Rhodochrosite. Depending on where you live, the afternoon sun may be too intense. Leave your Rhodochrosite in the sunlight for about 4 hours.

If you want to leave your crystal out all night and then 4 hours in the morning to utilize the sun and the moon’s vibrations, this is a wonderful way to cleanse and recharge at the same time.

Method 3: Cleanse your Rhodochrosite with sage

Using sage to cleanse your crystals is an age-old tradition in some cultures. Sage is revered as a sacred plant, and using it to cleanse your Rhodochrosite or smudge is an excellent method to restore balance and return your crystal to its natural vibration.

You will need a lighter/ matches, a fire-safe bowl, and bundled or loose sage to perform a cleansing ceremony.

If you can perform the smudging outside, that is ideal but not necessary. If you are inside, open a window or two to release the smoke from your house and take the negative energies back to the universe.

Start by lighting your bundle or loose sage, and let it burn for a few seconds. Set your intentions, and then blow out the flame. Guide the smoke towards the Rhodochrosite so that the sage smoke surrounds the crystal. Hold it in the smoke for at least 30 seconds; if you feel your crystal has a lot of stagnant energy, hold it in the smoke for as long as you think it is needed.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about three simple cleansing methods for your Rhodochrosite. I hope you can create a meaningful cleansing routine to keep your crystals vibrating to their highest potential.