How to Cleanse Rose Quartz: 3 Simple Methods


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Rose Quartz is a precious and prized stone that you can’t help but be drawn to when you lay your eyes on it. Its beautiful pink appearance perfectly represents the unconditional and universal love energies it emits.

Regularly cleansing your Rose Quartz is a must if you want to benefit from its powerful energies, and have it open you up to love, compassion, peace, and so much more.

3 Simple methods to cleanse Rose Quartz

Cleansing your Rose Quartz should be a pleasant and straightforward ritual you develop, and there is no need to complicate the process. This article explores three simple but effective methods to cleanse your beautiful Rose Quartz quickly and efficiently.

  • Moonlight
  • Running water
  • Sage

These three simple methods could not be easier to get you started cleansing your Rose Quartz and reaping the benefits of it in its pure state.

Let’s look at these cleansing methods and how you can perform them yourself with little to no extra equipment.

Method 1: Cleanse your Rose Quartz with moonlight

The moon carries such powerful and energizing vibrations that it has long been used as a cleansing tool. Harnessing the power of the moon to cleanse your Rose Quartz is an excellent way to softly cleanse your crystal and remove unwanted energies.

If you have an outdoor space that receives moonlight for a few hours and is safe to leave your Rose Quartz out or have a windowsill bathed in the moonlight for a few hours, you are set to cleanse your crystals using moonlight.

Simply place your Rose Quartz in your chosen area and leave them there all night to soak up the moonlight. Doing your cleansing during the full moon is ideal for harnessing the full potential of the moon. If you don’t want to wait, a few days before a full moon is supercharged, or you can use any moon phase. Different phases of the moon hold different vibrations.

Using the moon as a cleansing tool is something that has been in practice for a long time.

Method 2: Cleanse your Rose Quartz with running water

Using running water to cleanse your Rose Quartz is simple and can be done at a river or stream if you have one available to you or in your kitchen sink. Of course, being in nature is always preferred but absolutely not necessary. Running water from a faucet is fine.

No matter the water source, it will wash away negative energies, impurities and return your Rose Quartz to its revitalized state.

You want to start out by setting your intentions for this cleansing session. Setting your intentions first is always important, and then hold your Rose Quartz under running water.

Be sure the water touches every surface of the crystal. Hold your Rose Quartz under the water for about a minute, longer if you feel it is necessary.

Envision the water washing away stagnant, unwanted energy and it is going down the drain and returning to the earth. Pat your Rose Quartz dry when done.

Method 3: Cleanse your Rose Quartz with sage

Cleansing crystals, yourself, or your home using sage is a long-practiced ritual. You can use a bundle of white sage or loose sage, a lighter, and a fire-safe bowl.

You can gather up your Rose Quartz to perform the cleansing in one area of a room or leave them where they are and walk around to each piece with the smoldering sage.

You will want to open a window to let the smoke out. It will release the negative energies removed from the Rose Quartz back to the earth and ensure your fire alarms are not set off.

After getting yourself set up, you will want to set your intentions and light the sage. Blow it out after 30 seconds to let it smolder. Fan the smoke with your hand or feather around your Rose Quartz, ensuring the smoke has touched the whole crystal. Allow the smoke to cascade over each piece of Rose Quartz for a minimum of 30 seconds, lingering a little longer if the crystal holds a lot of unwanted energy.

How to charge Rose Quartz?

A piece of Selenite is an excellent way to charge your Rose Quartz. You can purchase a bowl or plate made from Selenite. Place your Rose Quartz in the bowl or plate. The more contact, the better, and then set your intentions. Leave your Rose Quartz to charge for 24 hours, and then you are all set. Your Rose Quartz is now charged and ready for you to tap into its loving energies.

How often do I need to cleanse Rose Quartz?

It would be best if you aimed to cleanse your Rose Quartz once a month, and this will help get rid of any unwanted energy that has accumulated and return your crystal to its purest form.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found some helpful information, so you can start using its loving energies to elevate your mood, create a more positive outlook, and stronger relationships with yourself and others.