How To Cleanse Tiger’s Eye Crystals


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Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that many love to use because it also looks very unique. It is usually a rich brown or copper stone with different flecks of brown and a golden stripe resembling a tiger eye down the center.

Like any crystal, you will need to cleanse your crystal from time to time. Every crystal is different, so you need to know how to care for each stone specifically to ensure you don’t ruin it.

In this article, we are going to go over how to clean tiger eye stones and how you can cleanse them as well.

How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone

Before you clean any stone, it is good to research the stones. You have to see what ways will be harmful and which will be okay. One crucial information you will need is the Mohs scale of hardness.

 Cleansing Tiger’s Eye stone will depend on what is available to you. While there are many different ways to cleanse this stone, we recommend three ways that are easy and that everyone should be able to do.

3 Methods To Cleanse Tigers Eye Crystal

We generally advise people to use three methods for cleaning/cleansing their Tiger’s Eye stone – water, moonlight, and using the earth. All forms are great because usually everyone can do them, and they are easy.

Method 1: Submerging Your Stone In Water.

Take a bowl or dish that is deep enough to fill with some water that you can put your Tiger’s Eye crystal in. Some people say that adding a little salt will also add to the cleansing process.

You can cleanse your stone for a couple of hours or leave it overnight. Make sure you also put a piece of paper towel or a light cloth on top to ensure no debris gets into the dish.

Once you are done water cleansing your stone, be sure to dry it thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

Method 2: Use Moonlight To Charge Your Stone

Moonlight is a great way to cleanse any stone – and is probably the easiest. You simply have to put your stone on a window sill or any area where the moonlight will touch the stone. It is best to do this close to or on the full moon – when the moonlight will be at its strongest.

Leave your stone overnight, and when you come back in the morning, it will be charged and rid of any negative energy.

Method 3: Return It To The Earth

Because Tiger’s Eye is closely linked to your root chakra and sacral chakra, it is a stone where returning it to the earth will cleanse it and bring it back to its original vibrations.

All you need to do is dig a hole just a bit deeper than your stone and leave it for several hours or overnight. You can do this in a favorite spot or beneath your favorite tree – just be sure not to lose the location where you buried it.

You can also just leave it on top of the earth if you don’t want to bury it – this should have the same effect as burying it. If you are in a small apartment or don’t have a backyard or lawn – try setting the stone in a favorite plant. The soil in the plant will charge your Tiger’s Eye stone in the same way.

Can tiger’s Eye go in water?

Tiger’s Eye falls at around a level 7 on the Mohs. This means that it is okay to clean your stone with water.

This is excellent news for anyone who has Tiger’s Eye’s in their collection because cleansing your stone with water is one of the easiest ways to clean/cleanse your stones.

Remember this, when a stone is not okay to be cleansed with water; you can risk damaging your stone or rusting it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which hand to wear tiger eye bracelet?

You can actually wear Tiger’s Eye on both hands. So when you think of crystals and wearing them, you just have to think about your intentions when you’re wearing them.

For instance, if you want to work on yourself internally, use the Tiger’s Eye to gain more confidence, then you should wear it on your left hand.

If you want to project your confidence and show strength, you will want to wear it on your right hand.

Think of your left hand as your “yin” or “inner” and your right hand as your “yang” or “outer.”

Is pink Tiger’s Eye natural?

Pink Tiger’s Eye is when a regular Tiger’s Eye stone is dyed, or a new stone is dyed in a pattern that resembles a Tiger’s Eye. A pink Tiger’s Eye is not natural but beautiful nonetheless.

Is red Tiger’s Eye natural?

Red Tiger’s Eye is actually natural, unlike the pink Tiger’s Eye. Red Tiger’s Eye refers to the often copper stripe in a Tiger’s Eye. If your stone is exposed to different elements, like lightning or a forest fire, it turns part of the Tiger’s Eye into Red Hematite.


Tiger’s Eye is a striking stone that is beautiful and has many different healing powers. It is closely linked to the root chakra, so people usually use it as a grounding crystal. This can help with improving your self-confidence and helping with any depression or mental health issues you may be experiencing.

You can use water, moonlight, or the earth to cleanse your Tiger’s Eye crystal. These simple methods will bring your stone back to its full vibration so that you can use its healing benefits to its total capacity.

Thank you for reading our article on Tiger’s Eye and how to cleanse it! We hope you enjoyed it!