Rhodonite vs. Rhodochrosite: The Difference Explained


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Often confused, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite are very similar in appearance and energy but vastly different.

Once you learn the differences, you may find yourself drawn to one over the other, or both, and they work wonderfully with each other.

Not only are they both beautiful, but they also carry strong energies based on love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional healing.

The prefix “Rhodo” is Greek and translates to rose, perfect for these gemstones.

Rhodonite vs. Rhodochrosite: What’s the difference?

Both gemstones are connected to the heart chakra and are wonderful to assist in clearing the root chakra.

In addition, they both promote love for others, the attraction of new love into your life, and self-love.

Rhodonite will attract more passion and vitality into your life while helping you see where and how you can improve your life without judging yourself.

Rhodonite is often a rose-pink to red with black veins or patches. Some Rhodonites can even be darker and look more orange-red to a brownish-red tone.

Rhodochrosite is the gentler of the two and carries a more happy, lighter energy. It is excellent for healing past wounds and reclaiming lost gifts.

It is also known to help with forgiveness, whether forgiving others or yourself. Rhodochrosite can range in color from a vivid raspberry pink to a rose-red. It is formed in layers separated by lustrous white bands.

Rhodonite healing properties and benefits

Rhodonite is connected with the heart chakra, which can help bring peace into your life and decision-making, compassion, psychic healing, and love.

The colors of Rhodonite, from the light Scarlett to the various shades of pink, reflect the light of love and the heart, stimulating the heart chakra.

This is an excellent gemstone to help you process and dispel emotional pain. Rhodonite can help clear away self-destructive behavior, feelings of hatred, resentment, and anger, assist in healing old wounds and scars, and help you see both sides of an issue.

Rhodonite can help to bring balance to the emotional body and can help to increase confidence and self-esteem. This beautiful stone can help you recognize your value, gifts, and talents and help you to elevate to your highest potential.

Being associated with the heart chakra, Rhodonite can help regulate your interactions with the outside world and enable you to control what you resist and embrace by bringing balance to your inside world, which helps improve your relationship with yourself and other people.

Rhodochrosite healing properties and benefits

Helping you to control what you embrace and what you resist. Rhodochrosite stimulates the heart chakra to reflect light and love and improves your interactions with the external world.

This gemstone also influences the solar plexus, helping to clear away negative energy and activate this chakra. When you’re solar plexus is balanced, you will discover the freedom to interpret the world through your own emotions and thoughts and not live in fear of what others think or say to you.

Rhodochrosite will help you recognize negative behavior and patterns in others and yourself.

At the same time, remaining loving and compassionate and promoting forgiveness for others and yourself and healing, allowing you to go deep within your wounds to acknowledge them and heal on a deep level and release emotions that you don’t need to carry anymore.

Rhodochrosite brings peace, renewal, and resolution to your life by giving off purifying energy. This is an excellent gemstone to use for deep healing.

Sometimes referred to as the “inner child stone,” if you experience the feeling of being unloved or abandoned, this crystal will promote healing on a soul level.

Rhodonite spiritual meaning

This is an excellent gemstone to balance your yin and yang energies and help you attune to the universe. Rhodonite is excellent for grounding into a spiritual practice, a perfect crystal to use for meditation and dreamwork.

Helping to enhance the clarity, depth, and meaning of your inner experience during these practices. This is a beautiful gemstone for use during mantra-based meditations, helping to align your soul with higher vibrations.

Using Rhodonite as a tool in your spiritual practice can help integrate your spirituality into your everyday life and create a heartfelt connection to the universe that shines through your daily relationships and interactions with others.

Rhodochrosite spiritual meaning

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful gemstone to assist with enhancing your spirituality and attuning to your higher self. Using this crystal during meditation can help to expand your consciousness and channel spiritual awareness in your body.

Rhodochrosite is said to help you connect to divine feminine energy.

Giving you access to quickly cultivate peace, tolerance, compassion, and love and allows you to reconnect to the spiritual realm and open your heart to universal love. Linking your karmic purpose to your current incarnation.

Frequently asked question

What is rhodonite price per carat?

The price per carat varies drastically depending on the color of the Rhodonite.

For example, transparent, crimson-colored Rhodonite sized between 1-10 carats can range cost in the price range of $150-$500 per carat; the more affluent the tones, the more a carat will cost.

Opaque Rhodonite is more affordable and can range from $0.25- $2.50 per carat.

How can you tell if a stone is Rhodonite?

Using color to tell this gemstone apart from others is most straightforward when looking at stones and determining what they are. Rhodonite is known for its rosy, red shades and black veining or patches caused by manganese oxide.


Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite are very alike but do have their individual properties. Once you know the differences, it makes telling them apart easier and helps you decide if one’s energy will be more helpful to you than the other.

Both gemstones promote loving, compassion, and healing energy—a great addition to your meditation practice and spiritual journey.

Pairing these gemstones up to attract loving, healing energy into your life is a powerful combination.