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Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Benefits and Properties

Looking for an impactful way to reconnect with yourself, the ones you love, or to welcome more love into your life is a job well suited for the lovely Rose Quartz crystal.

It holds such a high loving vibration that you cannot help but feel the soft loving energy it sends out.

Here are some properties, benefits, and the Chakras associated with Rose Quartz and why using a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg might be perfect for you.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Properties

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs properties include:

Benefit 1: Improve relationships

Rose Quartz is revered for its powerful, loving vibration and using a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg can help bring loving energy to your most intimate relationships. Whether you have a new love, you want to show up as your best self, or you have a long-time relationship that you want to strengthen the loving bond between you two, a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg can help you achieve the level of unconditional love you wish to attain.

Benefit 2: Elevates your inner world

Rose Quartz is known for stimulating one’s imagination. Using a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg can help get your imagination flowing in a more hot and steamy direction to help spice up your bedroom life with your partner.

Benefit 3: Improve organ function

Rose Quartz is known for helping women improve their fertility. Using a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg will put the powerful healing vibrations of this crystal directly in contact with your reproductive system.

Rose Quartz is also known for helping reduce depression and improve the circulatory system, kidneys, and heart function.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Benefits

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg benefits include:

Benefit 1: Increase love

Rose Quartz is a pink stone that represents unconditional love. It emits high vibrations of love which attracts more love into your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love; this could also be love for yourself, family, friends, and the world in general.

Benefit 2: Emotional wellbeing

This gorgeous pink crystal will help you work through traumas and past wounds, old and new. Rose Quartz can help you find the strength to release these emotions and heal on a deeper level that you may not even realize you need. It can help usher in feelings of peace, healing, and joy to bring you into a state of self-love.

Benefit 3: Increase femininity

A Rose Quartz Yoni Egg can help awaken the divine feminine within and increase your sexual energy. Having a strong flow of feminine energy through your body is a powerful way to heal yourself and others and live a life that is full of love and is a life worth living.

How to use a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are a powerful way to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can meditate while using a Yoni Egg or practice doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the vaginal walls.

Step 1

Before inserting the Yoni Egg be sure that it has been washed with warm water and natural soap and then dried with a soft towel. If you are using the Yoni Egg for spiritual purposes, you will want to perform a cleansing and charging ceremony to infuse the Rose Quartz with your intentions.

Step 2

There are many ways to insert a Yoni Egg; find whatever works for you. If you are a beginner to this practice, it may help to get into a squatting position and insert it in that position. You will need to contract your vaginal muscles to assist in the insertion and retention of the Yoni Egg. You can keep it in for a meditation session, to do some Kegels, or even a few hours while you go about your daily business.

Step 3

When you are done, you will need to find what works best to retrieve the Yoni Egg for you. Some women are able to push it out with their vaginal muscles. You may need to use your fingers to scope it out. The more comfortable you become with your Yoni Egg, the easier it will be to retrieve the egg.

Step 4

Rewash the Yoni Egg with warm water and natural soap. You don’t want to use anything with harsh chemicals due to the sensitive areas in which the Yoni Egg is inserted.

Rose Quartz Chakra

Rose Quartz is widely known to be associated with the Heart Chakra. It holds a high vibrational frequency that emits unconditional love for yourself and others. Rose Quartz can help open your heart and accept love, strengthen your empathy, and purify your energies.


Using a Yoni Egg has many benefits, but when you add in the high vibrations of a Rose Quartz, you are in for a transformational experience. I appreciate you taking the time to read this article, and I hope it has offered some insight into the all-encompassing loving vibrations you will receive from your Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.

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