Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro): Meaning, Metaphysical and healing properties


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Mystic Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro, is a type of stone that is comprised of several minerals, including quartz. It was discovered in Madagascar.

Named after mystic Merlin the shapeshifter, this crystal is known for enhancing spiritual energy and balancing light and darkness.

This is an incredibly powerful stone that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Most of all, you’ll be guided on a path toward self understanding and spiritual awakening — feeling a sense of clarity as the negativity is swept away.

Merlinite vs Indigo gabbro: is there a difference?

There is no difference between Merlinite and Indigo Gabbro. Indigo Gabbro is the correct geological term for the crystal, while Mystic Merlinite is a more colloquial term.

Merlinite Meaning

Merlinite is a versatile healing stone that focuses on intensifying and enhancing your spiritual energy. Using this crystal is often associated with spiritual awakenings because it has the ability to completely free your mind from day-to-day issues.

The things that keep your mind trapped on a daily basis are no longer a concern, which helps you focus on what’s most meaningful to you.

This is a stone of duality. It balances light and darkness, attracting the spirit guides that are meant to lead you in the right direction.

Merlinite healing properties

Merlinite has both physical and spiritual healing properties that are going to be felt almost instantly upon using the stone.


Merlinite has several physical healing properties. It can help boost your immune system, and also helps with several types of bloating and swelling. Indigo Gabbro can also help break fevers and ease pain from your period, bruises, or muscle sprains.

To activate these healing properties, make sure to place the stone over the area that is giving you the most trouble so that it can truly target the source of the pain.


As mentioned previously, Merlinite is a stone of balance. It can aid in your spiritual healing by bringing you a sense of mindfulness and level-headedness that is rooted deep in your consciousness.

When using Merlinite to heal yourself spiritually, you will learn how to use less energy in order to bring yourself back to equilibrium. In order to get the best results spiritually, you will want to engage in true spiritual work with Merlinite.

Simply placing the stone under your pillow or in your bag does not unlock its entire potential.

Merlinite metaphysical properties

The metaphysical properties of the Merlinite can give you better access to the spiritual and dream realms, which can be a powerful way to connect with spirit guides.

Third Eye Chakra

Merlinite is known for activating your third eye chakra, which is responsible for perception. When your third eye chakra is activated through the Merlinite, you will begin to experience a deep sense of intuition which can manifest itself in many ways such as being able to recall a past life, feeling connected to spirit guides, psychic abilities and psychic knowing, as well as synchronicities.

The third eye chakra is also powerful at aiding with self understanding. Clearing any negative energies that are blocking your third eye will help you discover who your true self is by promoting self-love and self-forgiveness.

Spiritual Realm

Merlinite also has the powerful capability of removing the veil between the physical and spiritual realms. Through the crystal, you may be able to make contact with souls in the spiritual plane.

Dream Realm

Using Merlinite can also enhance your access to the dream realm, improving your recollection and making your dreams much more vivid.

Mystic Merlinite uses

There are many ways to use Merlinite, as it is a stone that enhances the properties of other crystals. Of course, you can always leave a piece of Merlinite in your room or carry it around with you in order to feel its effects at all times.

However, there are several ways to really activate the stone and get the most from it — if you are truly seeking enlightenment.


As it is great at enhancing other stones’ properties, Mystic Merlinite is a stone that is perfect for meditation.

When meditating with Merlinite, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your intuition and your ability to perceive energy through your senses — clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

Shadow work

You can also use Indigo Gabbro for shadow work, which involves digging into both your light and dark sides to understand yourself and your motivations on a deeper level.

This type of work requires persistence, but the end result is that you will have a much better ability to balance yourself and understand every part of who you are.

Can I sleep with Merlinite

You can sleep with Merlinite. In fact, placing a piece of the stone under your pillow or your mattress may lead to better sleep.

This is because your consciousness is cleared and allows you to release all the worries that may be keeping you awake. For this reason, you may also find that you experience more vivid dreams.


Merlinite is known as more of a “new age” stone, as it was more recently discovered. As such, there is still much to be explored about the powers of this stone, which are truly magical.

This is a stone of enlightenment. Anyone who uses it should expect to experience a spiritual awakening fairly quickly.

You will feel more connected to your mind and body, as your consciousness is cleared and you are directed toward your true path.

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