Red Dragon Quartz Meaning Healing Properties – Explained


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Red Dragon Quartz is a type of quartz that has a hematite coating. It is found in a variety of natural formations, from masses and nodules to clusters.

Usually, it forms in a predominantly red color, but can also be found in darker colors such as maroon, burgundy, and/or brown.

Red Quartz is very rare and it only forms naturally in a few countries. The main supplier is Morocco, though it is also known to be found in Brazil. Because hematite is very heavy, the stone often weighs more than other forms of quartz.

Red Quartz (Dragon) healing properties


Red Quartz is one of strength. In times of stress, despair, or deeply negative emotions, the stone can act as steadfast support.

You stand a lot to gain from allowing the Red Quartz to secure you during times of turmoil and help you move through it gracefully.


Although it is not a protection stone, the Red Quartz can help defend you spiritually. It acts as an auric shield of sorts, to ensure that you are safe in times where you might need to journey outside of your comfort zone.

With the crystal, you can be confident in your exploration without having to worry about your physical vessel in the process.

Out of body exploration is entirely encouraged by the energies of the Red Quartz. Another spiritual healing benefit of the Red Quartz is that it is known to assist with healing from trauma of past lives.


On a physical level, the Red Quartz most significantly impacts that immune system. It can help boost immune protection and will allow your body to more easily fight off diseases.

People who may suffer from autoimmune disorders especially stand to gain from using the Red Quartz, since it can help reduce the chances of severe illness.

Red Quartz has also been known to boost fertility in both men and women, as well as encourage detoxification

Red Quartz(Dragon)  Meaning

Red Quartz is a raw mineral, and therefore its energy can also feel very raw at times. It is rougher around the edges, and it might be off putting at first.

The Red Quartz, at its core, embodies life force energy that can infuse you with fortitude and protection.

The energy emitted by the Red Dragon Quartz can help you shape your entire existence by honing in on your inner spirit. It can particularly help reignite your inner flame if you feel it is burning out.

Red Quartz(Dragon) metaphysical properties

Aura Protection

Red Quartz is not a protection stone, per se. However, it can conjure up protective energies that are quite powerful for our emotional bodies and auric fields.

This is because the stone is one that strengthens and rejuvenates. It boosts our spirits and essentially flushes out any negative emotions. Eventually, you could be surrounded by negative energies without absorbing any at all.

Emotional and Spiritual Expansion

One of the other ways that the Red Quartz can help us is by awakening our ability to truly understand ourselves.

It opens our mind and heart to more knowledge and strength that is necessary to expand our understanding of the world.

Red Quartz(Dragon) uses


Since the Red Quartz can help keep away any evil deities, it is very useful for deep meditation, especially where the goal is to transcend your own body.

While astral projecting, you will leave your body open to harm from these negative spirits. Using the Red Quartz as a talisman will help ensure that your physical being is not compromised while you are in that state.

Jewelry and Decorations

Though it is a fairly hard and heavy stone, the Red Quartz can be used in jewelry. It is particularly useful in any manner that it can be touching your skin, which keeps it in your auric field at all times for constant healing.

If you’d rather simply place the Red Quartz in your commonly used spaces, this is also a good option. This can help create an overall more invigorating environment for you.

Red Quartz(Dragon)   Chakra

The Red Quartz most significantly impacts the root chakra, since it allows you to generate strength from within and ground yourself in your truth.

By helping keep your root chakra open, the stone aids you in feeling more optimistic and driven no matter your circumstances.

Interestingly, the Red Quartz also activates the sacral chakra through the root chakra, since the energy from the root chakra flows upward.

You will sense yourself filled with more joy and compassion, as well as creativity, when you are in the presence of the Red Quartz.

Red Quartz can also boost your self esteem and confidence through activating the solar plexus chakra, which is located in your stomach.

Red Quartz(Dragon)  Zodiac

The two zodiacs that benefit most from Red Quartz are libra and pisces. Libras often need the stone’ ability to keep them grounded and reach compromise, which can help them reach their goals (ones that they are likely naturally more motivated to achieve).

For pisces, the stone can help them prioritize their own emotions and happiness.

Is Red Quartz(Dragon)  rare?

Yes, Red Quartz is fairly rare. It is primarily found in China, Spain and Brazil, as well as Morocco — which is its biggest provider. This also means that you’ll often find fake Red Quartz being sold.

There are a few easy ways to tell if your Red Quartz is the real deal. The easiest way, after determining where it was imported from, is to assess its weight and density. Since hematite is fairly heavy, your Red Quartz should feel much heavier than other forms of quartz.


The Red Quartz is a very versatile stone that primarily helps you stay grounded and more understanding, while also invigorating you with new life.

The emotions you feel while using the stone might be more raw than those you are generally used to. But remember, the stone is also quite rare. Make sure to test any Red Quartz before believing it is real.

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